South Boulder Vocal Studio - Melissa Williams- Instructor
Rates & Studio Policies


Lessons are $30/ a half hour.  Lessons are paid at the time of the lesson or monthly by cash , check made payable to Melissa Williams

Introductory Lessons- NEW STUDENTS ONLY
$30 for an initial 1/2 lesson and consultaion to see if
 I am a good match for your vocal studies. 

Please note that if you do not give me 24 hours notice, or a reasonable excuse, you are still responsible to pay for lessons that you miss.  

If you are ill... ... please do not come to your lesson. For your sake as well as mine. Especially if you have a cold, flu, or other respiratory illness. If you think you are too sick to sing, please phone me right away. We can always reschedule. No lesson, audition, rehearsal, or performance is more important than your own health. And I don't want to get sick, either!

I recommend a three ring binder dedicated to your vocal repertoire, exercises, and other material. You will use it to keep your music organized and to store your lesson and practice records and other handouts I give you. I record all your lessons and then send them to you via Dropbox.  You will have to register with Dropbox to retrieve them.  You may also bring your own tape recorder or mini-disc recorder if you wish. You will improve much quicker if you can listen to yourself and our lessons for reference. 

If you must cancel your lesson for any reason, I ask at least a 24 hours notice. 

Of course, emergencies happen, and I always try to be understanding. If you have a last-minute emergency that prevents you from coming to your lesson, always notify me by telephone, or by email.

Please note that I do not answer the phone during lessons.

Acceptable excuses for missing a lesson include illness, genuine emergency, car breakdown, or being abducted in a UFO. (Please provide written documentation of UFO abduction.) 

If you arrive late for a lesson because of traffic problems, I will TRY to give you your full 1/2hour (i.e. we can run a bit beyond the scheduled ending time). However my teaching schedule is usually full, and I can't bend it too much.

Whatever is good for your body and mind is also good for your voice and singing. Stay healthy and physically active. Eat well, get enough rest, and try to include a program of exercise and movement in your daily routine. I highly recommend Yoga for singers. It is a wonderful way to enhance body and breath awareness, factors which are crucial to good singing. If you find yourself experiencing vocal difficulty, discomfort, illness, or any other problem related to your physical or emotional vocal health, please phone me! I am always on call to answer questions, give advice, and offer emotional and artistic support.

Your lessons are only one element of your total vocal program. Without regular practice, you will not make progress. I will always try to be clear about your realistic vocal goals and I will always explain how the exercises I give you will help you reach them. It’s your responsibility to practice and make that happen. This is where the real improvement happens... Try to practice at least 15-20 minutes every day!
 My Commitment to You
I promise to work as hard as you do! If you show up with regularity and consistency, if you bring your sense of adventure (and your sense of humor) to the lessons, and if you practice on a regular basis, we will do good work together, you will make progress, and I will truly do everything I can to help you on your vocal journey.  
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