South Boulder Vocal Studio - Melissa Williams- Instructor
Welcome to the South Boulder Vocal Studio. Founder and instructor, Melissa Williams has been teaching and coaching singing for over 30 years to beginners and professional singers.    

Music and theatre are ways we express ourselves and the benefits of being involved in music and theatrical programs are many.  Melissa's broad experience as a performer and educator make her an ideal instructor to guide you through your vocal development.  Her background in vocal pedagogy - the science of singing- as well as her knowledge of appropriate repertoire for developing voices and professional singers, is why so many of her students are singing successfully.   Melissa can help you discover your unique sound and path toward your vocal aspirations.

SOBO Vocal Studio - Philosophy

It is crucial to build a trust with students that allows the discovery of their ‘true voice". The foundation of my private teaching pedagogy is based on the writings and mentoring of my teacher the late Barbara Doscher.  I speak often of the use of vocal resonance, vowel formants and vowel modification in my studio.  All of my students learn the anatomy and physiology of breathing as well as the understanding how the singing voice functions.  I speak often to vocal hygiene and care and the importance of knowing your voice from not just listening but feeling the resonating areas. As a students technique becomes stronger, it is my role to help a singers find the artistry in the music since communication is the key to being a successful singer.  Each student is an individual and requires a unique application of these techniques. One of the gifts I bring to teaching is my ability to communicate the ideas of singing technique to my students. I have worked diligently to become a professional singer and vocal pedagogue. I understand the development of the voice with regards to technique and musicality. Furthermore, I continue to take every opportunity to research and further my education through the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), and the Colorado Wyoming Chapter of NATS, as well as other organizations in order to enhance my own abilities as a professional singer and teacher. 
This benefits my students greatly in their continued vocal studies.


Cara Mentzel (sister of Idina Menzel) on your recording of Never, Never Land in honor of your new bookVoice Lessons- A Sister's Story by Cara Mentzel.

My one and only voice lesson. Thank you Melissa Williams. Squeezed the lesson in right before heading into the studio with my sister this past August for our duet of "Never Neverland." #NeversayNeverland

Cast Members in CenterStage Theatre Company's production ofA Little Princess
Lily Weisbart and Fiona Spencer as Sara Crewe
Julia Jacobson as Miss Minchin
Daisy O'Brien and Annika Jacobson as Lottie
Anna Tronco as Jesse

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